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The Tour  Guides

Hangman Tours Guide Allie


Greetings! As a history teacher by trade, tour guiding makes sense as a hobby. I attended U.W. Milwaukee for education and found Shakers in July of 2014. My background in Forensics allows me to get creative on the spot and definitely react to any of the supernatural activity we might encounter on our tours. I perform all 5 tours that shakers offers so I look forward to seeing you on our next adventure.

Hangman Tours Guide David


David Kaye is a long time veteran of Milwaukee's performing scene, and he brings his performers instincts to the tours at Shakers. He spent years as an actor and free lance musician, as well as being the producer/director of Bad Example Productions. He is currently the piano player for Bye Bye Liver the Milwaukee Drinking Play and studying television production at MATC. He is also the only tour guide to have a relative who was the mistress of a Capone brother.

Hangman Tours Guide James


As a professional magician, mentalist, and hypnotist entertainer, James brings his theatrical stage presence and storytelling ability to each tour, creating a unique experience for each Shaker's tour guest. Furthermore, he is an amateur ghost hunter. Growing up in his childhood home, James has experienced his share of paranormal activity, that started his interest and began a lifelong pursuit for further evidence. This might explain why James feels so at home in Shakers. But it might just be the trademarked Absinthe found exclusively at shakers! Either way, you are sure to have a unique experience as you tour through the many floors and experience the rich history of Shaker's.

Hangman Tours Guide Jason


Jason Koszuta (KU-ZOO-TA) is a born and bred south side Milwaukeean. His love of local history and ghostly folk lore—as well as fine whiskey, food and people—initially brought him to darken the doorstep of Shaker's. And…just like the spirits that roam these floors and halls…he's never left...and doesn't plan on doing so anytime soon. Jason is an educator by trade. Teaching has kept his heart and soul young, never letting him forget that we are all children who want to be excited and mused about life. He knows that work and play can go wonderfully hand in hand if one is doing what one is truly put on the Earth to do. Jason knows he is here to be a communicator, an imparter of stories, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. He is also a passionate aficionado of the arts and entertainment scene and loves the theater, variety show, still photography and motion picture production. When all those passions come together, they become the perfect storm to behold.


Hangman Tours Guide Skully


Skully Sati, originally hailing from Chicago is a performer, producer of variety act shows and proud tour guide for the best haunted cigar bar in Wisconsin; Shakers Milwaukee. In addition to happily leading eager guests on historic ghost tours, she is also a gifted tarot card reader and fortune teller, and has been reading cards for over 20 years. Skully is humorous, personable and has a passion for the mysterious... all the makings of a fun time! Let her guide you into the dark realms of history and the otherworldly, and you will leave with a truly unique and memorable experience. Book your tour today!


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