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Milwaukee's Haunted Bar

422 South Second Street   -   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee's Haunted Bar

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Stay over

Spiritual Awakening Ghost Adventure

For the Spiritual Adventurer

 Experience the vestigial rhythm of the Victorian Era

With a stay over in our haunted Penthouse

- a former Prohibition Era Brothel -

the scene of the brutal hacking murder of a 

poor ill-fated bordello girl

This is a haunted Attraction,

and is intended for mature audiences only.

Although there have been numerous sightings of spirits at this location, 

there is no guarantee you will experience any paranormal activity yourself. 

This is not a hotel room, your stay is at your own risk.

This is a journey into paranormal investigations and discovery.

This experience is intended for two (2) adults, no more,

or we charge you!

No pets allowed, nor welcome.

You may be charged for any damages, missing objects, and a cleaning fee.

Check in must be by 11:00 PM. Check-out by 10:00 AM,

or you will be assessed $250.00

Any resulting injuries, (either psychic or physical), 

or death, (due to any causes) 

are wholly and incontrovertibly, at your own risk & responsibility.

Neither management, nor staff, is in any way 

responsible for your safety. 

In the event of paranormal Emergency or Spiritual inhabitation; 

RUN! screaming into the night. 

Offering overnight packages for the spiritually adventurous: 

Wood Fireplace - Jacuzzi - Private outdoor deck

Period Bordello

$350.00 a couple 

Optional 4 Course Gourmet Dinner...... $ 100.00/ couple

Complete Dinner & Event $ 450.00/ couple

Fee does not include sales tax, gratuity or additional beverage selections. 

The consumption of BOB-A-LOO'S ISLAND Cookery is legendary for an effect as an aphrodisiac. Neither Shaker's nor its management is responsible for the outcome of any resulting behavior. 

Still only 90 miles north of Chicago

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