Milwaukees Haunted Bar

422 South Second Street   -   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(414) 272-4222


Mon - Thurs

5:00 pm - Bartime

Fri - Sun

3:00 pm - Bartime

Milwaukee's Haunted Bar Events

Thursday February 26thBOB-A-LOO Presents…

Our Continuing Series of World Cuisine Prix Fixe Dinners An Adventure in Culinary Paradise Creole/ Cajun Foods featuring a tasting of Four Roses bourbon

4 Roses Bourbon Cocktails @ 6:00 Dinner @ 7:00

Course 1:

Bayou Frog Legs over Red Beans & Rice…mighty nice! Succulent Jumbo Legs, suggestively draped w/ Remoulade

Course 2:
Gold Medal Seafood Gumbo Award-winning File Gumbo of Mahogany Roux, With Shrimp, Crab, Clams, Lobster, Mussels in a slow simmered stock.

Course 3:
Alligator Jambalaya Ya Ya Alligator, Cured Ham, Chicken, Andouille Sausage, Garlic, Chilies, Tomatoes & stuffed in a Bell Pepper over white boy Rice.

$50.00/ Person through February 14th
$60.00/ through February 21st $75.00/ person threafter


Reservations w/ payment Required (non-refundable) Fee does not include Sales Tax, Gratuity, or Additional Beverage Selections.

*** The consumption of BOB-A-LOO'S ISLAND Cookery is lgendary for an effect as an aphrodisiac... Neither Shaker's, nor it's management, is responsible for the outcome of any resulting behavior. ***

Still only 90 Miles North of Chicago, and a scant 6,422 miles East of paradise. Island apparel is suggested. Bring Your Lei, or use one of ours!

Thursday, February 19thSir Pinkerton and the MagnificentsSir Pinkerton and The Magnificents

Best Live Music Extravaganza in Milwaukee. Period. and for those fiscally responsible... the continuing series of Third Thursday Shows at Shakers Cigar Bar with The Magnificent's is Complimentary... and includes discounts on Shakers proprietary Ghost Ale & Shadow People Lager.